Friday, August 17, 2012

The Time We Almost Built a House.

Over the last two months, my husband and I have been this close (holding fingers three inches apart) to putting our current home on the market, and building (from scratch) our dream home, literally one block away. If you had asked me while we were in Costa Rica, if it was going to happen, I would have put an 85% on it. Then, a series of events happened, not the least of which was coming home and falling back in love with our current space, and in the end we decided to let the opportunity go, hoping that someday, in the not so distant future, another would arise and we will eventually be in a space that allows our family to be comfortable, while also giving us more room for visitors and entertaining. 

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest, know that I've been pinning like mad, trying to come up with ideas for the new space (they are breaking ground next week) and even though "operation dream house" is on hold, I figured I'd share with you some of the plans that I had for the new abode. Oh, and by plans, I mean I was going to adopt EVERY SINGLE ONE of these images.


The house was going to look like this on the outside, with white paint and black shutters. 

With this door. Swoon.

I was dying over this staircase and wanted dark floors throughout. 

... and this bathroom for the boys. Melt. Die. Melt.

This was my closet inspiration.

And, you know this bathroom was going to happen. (This is one thing I haven't given up on and will be painting my current bathroom next week 

We were finally going to have a guest room (in the attic) and I was in love with this bed/ bath combo.

Last, but not least, the kitchen. There was going to be some of this...

A lot of this.

and, a little of this....

Oh, and this was going to be happening in the rest of the house.

Okay, drying tears.

In short, the house was going to be ahhhhhmmmaaaazzziinnngggggg. But amazing takes $$$$ and time, both of which you can never have enough of. In the end I think know we made the right decision, but I've got to say, it still hurts a little bit, looking at these pictures (and what could have been). The good thing is that none of this is going anywhere, and I'm pretty sure that this is why man invented Pinterest. Now that we've given up the dream (for at least a year or two) we've decided to adopt the live simply motto. We do LOVE our condo, and I am currently one coffee table, and 4 lighting fixtures from being "done" decorating. Not having to deal with outside stressors this year really will be a blessing, and I am positive that one day we will live in a space that we can call our final dream home. Until then, I will be more than happy with what we have... all 1700 sq ft of it.

Damn, it would have been a good house though.


Julie Q said...

Literally obsessed with every single picture in this post.. sending wishes your way that it happens someday SOON

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! But I just cannot imagine how a family with one paycheck could afford that. Even if it's a doctor's. In the end building a house costs at least 20% more than planned.

Yummy Mummy said...

I won't discuss our financial situation, but we are very cautious and have always been extreme savers. We would never purchase anything that would not allow us considerable savings as well as affording us the ability to educate our children privately. Ultimately the house was going to be about 15% more than we planned, and was going to have to be larger (to justify price) than we desired, which is why we pulled the plug.

whiterose42 said...

Loving your dream home, the pink door is fab! motto is: 'if you can dream it you can achieve it'! ...remember, a delay is not a denial...
Have a yummy week!

Anonymous said...

It takes a confident/brave/whipped man to live in a house with a hot pink door AND hot pink comforter...


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